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Class Schedule

Following are the days and times of our yearly classes for the 2017-2018 year. Our class schedule starts in August and runs through April. You may join any of our classes after the August start date through February each year.

We do not allow new students to enter after February 1.

You may audit a yearly class for free. Call our front desk to schedule your audit: 770-904-6646


Class Dates: 8/11/2017 - 4/8/2018 

WY1=Working Year 1

WY2=Working Year 2

CY1=Conservatory Year 1

CY2=Conservatory Year 2

Day Location    
Level Age  Time Coach
Sunday Buford    
Basic  4-7yr 1:20-2:20p Jonna
Basic 8-11yr 3:35-4:35 Rick
Basic 10-17yr 3:30-4:30 Jonna
Basic Adult 4:35-6:35 Alicia
WY1 4-7yr 2:25-3:25 Jonna
WY1 8-11yr 1:30-3:30 Rick
WY1 10-17yr 1:15-3:15 Alicia
WY2 10-17yr 4:35-6:35 Jonna
WY2  Adult 6:35-8:35 Jonna
Alex 1 10-16yr 1:30-3:30 Richard
Alex 1 Adult 6:00-8:30 Richard
CY2 14-Adult 3:30-6:00 Richard
Monday Buford
Basic 8-11yr 5:15-6:15p Alicia
Basic 12-17yr 6:15-7:15 Alicia
Basic Adult 7:15-9:15 Alicia
WY1 4-7yr 5:30-6:30 Sanna
WY1 12-17yr 6:30-8:30 Sanna
WY2 4-7yr 5:15-6:15 Jonna
WY2 8-17yr 6:15-8:15 Jonna
CY1 10-15yr 5:30-7:30 Richard
CY1 Adult 7:30-9:30 Richard
Monday Cumming
Basic 4-7yr 4:00-5:00p Jordan
Basic 8-10yr 5:00-6:00 Jordan
Basic 11-17yr 6:00-7:00 Jordan
WY1 8-17yr 7:00-8:30 Jordan
Tuesday Buford
Basic 4-7yr 5:45-6:45p Sanna
WY1 8-11yr 6:15-8:15 Rick
WY1 16yr-Adult 7:00-9:00 Sanna
Alex 2 14-Adult 7:00-9:30 Richard
Tuesday Dacula
Basic 4-7yr 4:00-5:00p Aimee
Basic 8-10yr 5:00-6:00 Aimee
Basic 11-17yr 6:00-7:00 Aimee
WY1 8-17yr 7-8:30 Aimee
Tuesday Lawrenceville
Basic 4-7yr 4:00-5:00p Dina
Basic 8-10yr 5:00-6:00 Dina
Basic 11-17yr 6:00-7:00 Dina
Friday Buford
Basic 4-7yr 9:45-10:45a Aimee
Basic  8-11yr 10:45-11:45 Aimee
Basic 12-17yr 11:45-12:45p Aimee
WY1  8-17yr 10:00a-12p Jonna
WY2 8-17yr 12p-2:00p Jonna
Saturday Buford
WY1 Adult 9:00-11:00a Rick