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Three Week Classes

Only $49 

 These 3 week classes are fun, inexpensive and fit into everyone's schedule.
These classes are also great supplementary classes for our past and present students who would like to brush up on these particular skills and get additional training at a low cost!
And these are great classes for NEW students who want to check us out without paying a lot to do so. Each of these classes concentrates on one particular skill for the 3 week period.  Read below for each class description and sign up today.
Slots for these classes fill up fast! Sign up for one, or sign up for them all...At these prices, Why not?    
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A Summer of Improv!

A huge majority of commercial auditions these days plus many major film and TV auditions require the actor to improv as part of the audition process.So it's very important for all actors to periodically brush up on those skills and make sure they are top notch!

Each of these 3 week classes focuses on different improv skills. So you can take 1 or all 3!! Even if you have taken our improv classes before, every class is different. So don't be shy! Learn to think fast and creatively with these classes:

4-7 year olds: 5:15-6pm
8-11 year olds: 6-7pm
12-17 year olds: 7-8pm
Adult: 8-9pm 



Improv: Scene & Character

Thursdays: June 12, 19, 26

Week 1: Establishing the Scene
Week 2: Establishing the Character
Week 3: Putting them Together



Improv: Perfecting the Rules

Thursdays: July 10, 17, 24

Week 1: Perfecting the Rules of Improv
Week 2: Rythm of a scene
Week 3: Imagination




Character Class: Mimicry vs Creation

America loves to watch a good character. Often, the character roles in TV & Film are far more memorable than the leading roles. Plus, there are so many more character roles available for actors. But what makes a good character? In this class you will explore the difference between mimicry and creation and how professional actors use both to create memorable characters. 

Sundays: June 8, 22, 29 (no class Father's day) 
2-2:45pm:  4-7  years
3-4pm: 8-11 years
4-5pm: 12-17
5-6pm: adults

Week 1: Mimicry vs Creation: What's the difference?
Week 2: Mimic characters
Week 3: Create characters




Tools of Acting

Whether you are acting on stage or on camera, every actor utilizes the tools: Face, body & voice to communicate thier lines and character. Becoming a pro at all 3 will make your acting more well rounded and believable. Brush up on these tools in this 3 week class. 

Thursdays: June 12, 19, 26 
4-5pm:  4-7  years
5-6pm: 8-11 years
6-7pm: 12-17
7-8pm: adults

Week 1: The Body
Week 2: The Face
Week 3: The Voice




Interviews that Book!


Many people think that it's the acting that gets you the job. While that is a huge part, it's actually your interview and personality that seals the deal and ultimately wins you the job over everyone else at callbacks.  In this class, you will learn tips and strageties that will set you apart from everyone else at the interview or callback. 


Sundays July 13, 20, 27
2-2:45pm:  4-7  years
3-4pm: 8-11 years
4-5pm: 12-17
5-6pm: adults

Week 1: The First Impression
Week 2: The 60 Second Sell
Week 3: The Interview



Complete Performance:

Mastering your Physical Presence

This class is for the actor striving for authenticity. While this process is rewarding it is challenging. Stanislavski said, "The first fact is that the elements of the human soul and the particles of a human body are indivisible."


The actor has to master the three aspects of themselves as a performer:  the person, the actor, and the character. The person has habits formed over a lifetime in response to their experiences. The actor develops another set of nervous behaviors and habits through the years that only come out during performance. Then there is the character, the new and different person the performer is portraying. 

When an actor experiences only internal feelings or only physical actions, the performance is dead. This is because the psychological and physical are united and irreversibly connected.  For an actor to portray a character employing one aspect of the union without the other is to have an incomplete performance.

Saturdays: August 2, 9, 16
10-11am:  12-17  years
11am-12pm: Adults

What the actor will learn:

- identify habitual tension and behavior.

- how to rid yourself of physical habits that do not fit a character

- how to use personal traits that do fit a character

- how to analyze the character, 

- how to identify the physical characteristics that stem from or cause the characters emotional response

- use physical training to create characters from all walks of life.




Refund Policy:
Full refund will be given if student withdraws 8 days prior to class start date, or first class of month. Withdrawing 7 days prior to class start date, or first class of month will result in a credit. No refund  if withdraw 24 hours prior to class start date. No refunds on promotional classes or specials or events or 3 week classes. No refunds on VIP,special workshops or events like Showcase and It Factor. No refunds on summer camp. Withdrawing 3 weeks prior to start of summer camp results in a credit. If you have a gift certificate, coupon or discount that does not have a code, those can only be redeemed by CALLING our studio or in person in our office. You can not use those with online registrations.