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Three Week Classes

Only $49 

 These 3 week classes are fun, inexpensive and fit into everyone's schedule.
These classes are also great supplementary classes for our past and present students who would like to brush up on these particular skills and get additional training at a low cost!
And these are great classes for NEW students who want to check us out without paying a lot to do so. Each of these classes concentrates on one particular skill for the 3 week period.  Read below for each class description and sign up today. All 3 week classes take place at our Buford location.
Slots for these classes fill up fast! Sign up for one, or sign up for them all...At these prices, Why not?    
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All 3 week classes are only $49. Space is limited in each class & is first come first serve. Class spot is reserved with full payment only. No refunds on 3 week classes.


3 Week class times


Saturdays                                       Tuesdays 

9am-10am: Adults                            5:15-6pm: 4-7 yrs

10-11am: 8-11yrs                            6-7pm: 12-17 yrs

11am-noon: 12-17 yrs                     7-8pm: 8-11yrs

noon-12:45pm: 4-7 yrs                    8-9pm: Adults


February 2016
The 60 Second Sell 
with Jonna Johnson

Saturdays: Feb 13, 20, 27
**Time Change for this month only as follows
10am-11am: 8-11yrs
11am-noon: 12-17 yrs
noon-1pm: Adults
1-1:45pm: 4-7 years

Tell me about yourself?....The dreaded question from casting or an interviewer. Most people get tongue tied because they don't know how to answer this question. 
Jonna gives specific tools and techniques to help actors eliminate being caught off guard with this type of question. Short, simple & sweet--the successful 60 second sell gives casting an idea of your personality and leaves them wanting more. Whether you need to talk about yourself on your taped audition or in person, the proper use of this skill can help seal the deal for a callback or a genuine small talk scenario with casting/interviewers!



March 2016
Taped Audition: The Basics 
with Richard Hempton

Saturdays: March 12, 19, 26

90% of all TV/Film auditions in the Southeast are taped. As a professional actor, your taped audition MUST meet certain standards for casting to EVEN CONSIDER you. Learn the basics that every taped audition must contain so your audition is never elimited by looking unprofessional.



April 2016
Taped Audition: Under 5 Audition 
with Richard Hempton

Tuesdays: April 12, 19, 26

 TV/Film auditions in the Southeast can be challenging to actors as many roles have only one or two lines. How does the actor standout when they have so few lines to show the depth of their talent? This workshop concentrates on specific techniques and strategies to help actors acheive great auditions when roles have 5 lines or less.



May 2016
Taped Audition: The 24 Hour Audition 
with Richard Hempton

Saturdays: May 7, 14, 21

What happens if you get a 6 page script with only 24-48 hours notice to memorize, tape and turn in the audition to agent/casting? In these 3 weeks, actors will get a workout learning tips and strategies to turning in an awesome audition with very little notice.



May 2016
Foundations of Acting 
with Alicia Bonham


Tuesdays: May 10, 17, 24

Get back to the basics in the fun class that incorporates many exercises and games to strengthen foundational techniques for any actor at any level!




June 2016
Taped Audition: Eyelines 
with Richard Hempton


Tuesdays: June 14, 21, 28

If there are multiple characters you are speaking to/about in your script, mastering the placement of each specific character within the frame of the camera and making it look believable can be the difference between an ok audition and a WOW audition. This process can become even more difficult if you have objects your character is referring to as well. Mastering the eyeline is one of the most important elements of a strong taped audition.




June 2016
Face, Body Voice 
with Sanna Haynes


Saturdays: June 11, 18, 25


Whether you are acting on stage or camera, every actor utilizes the tools: face, body & voice to communicate lines and character. Becoming a pro at all 3 will make your performance more well rounded and believable. Brush up on these tools in this class!





July 2016
Improv Fun 
with Johna Johnson


Tuesdays: July 12, 19, 26

Brush up on your improv skills while having a blast in this 3 week refresher course. Every actor can benefit from stretching their imagination and getting rid of inhibitions and improv is just the class to do this!




Basic, Working, Advanced, Master and Life Skills: Full refund will be given if student withdraws 8 days prior to class start date or first class of month

Withdrawing 7 days prior to class start date or first class of month will result in a credit.

No refund if withdraw/cancel 24 hours prior to class start date.

SUMMER CAMP requires 3 week notice of withdrawal for credit on student account. No refunds.

SHOWCASE & IT FACTOR: NO REFUNDS OR CREDIT due to the special nature of these events.

AUDITION TAPINGS/PRIVATE LESSONS: must be pre-paid in order to hold your time slot. No refunds. Cancelling/rescheduling 24 hours prior results in rescheduling with no penalty.

ALL OTHER CLASSES, WORKSHOPS, EVENTS: Credit on student account will be given with 24 hour notice of cancellation.

There is a $25.00 Returned Check Charge. 

2 returned checks results in a cash only account status.