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Three Week Classes, Buford Location Only

Only $49 

These 3 week classes are fun, inexpensive and fit into everyone's schedule.
These classes are also great supplementary classes for our past and present students who would like to brush up on these particular skills and get additional training at a low cost!
And these are great classes for NEW students who want to check us out without paying a lot to do so. Each of these classes concentrates on one particular skill for the 3 week period.  Read below for each class description and sign up today. All 3 week classes take place at our Buford location.
Slots for these classes fill up fast! Sign up for one, or sign up for them all...At these prices, Why not?    
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All 3 week classes are only $49. Space is limited in each class & is first come first serve. Class spot is reserved with full payment only. No refunds on 3 week classes.


3 WEEK CLASS TIMES:  (unless otherwise specified in class options)

Saturdays                                       Tuesdays                                 Thursdays

9am-10am: Adults                            5:15-6pm: 4-7 yrs                              4:15-5pm: 4-7 years

10-11am: 8-11yrs                            6-7pm: 12-17 yrs                                5-6pm: 12-17 years

11am-noon: 12-17 yrs                     7-8pm: 8-11yrs                                  6-7pm: 8-11 years

noon-12:45pm: 4-7 yrs                    8-9pm: Adults                                    7-8pm: Adults




You Work 


Jan 2017:  12, 19, 26th

No 4-7 year olds for this particular class!  The 8-11 year old and 12-17 year old classes are combined.  Will meet at 6-7pm.  No 5-6pm class.

How many times do you hear "trust yourself", "bring yourself to the role", be "you"? That truly is what casting directors look like, actors who simply appear as if they are just being who they are on camera. TV/Film is about watching people just be, not perform. This class will help you identify:

* who you are

* your type and essence

* how to bring your unique persona to your acting work





Tools of Acting 

Jan 2017: Saturdays: 14, 21, 28 

Whether you are acting on stage or on camera, every actor utilizes the tools: Face, body & voice to communicate thier lines and character. Becoming a pro at all 3 will make your acting more well rounded and believable. Brush up on these tools in this 3 week class.  

Week 1: The Body
Week 2: The Face
Week 3: The Voice





When the Acting's Over: 

The First Impression/Interview That Lands You the Job!

Feb 2017, Thursdays: 9, 16, 23rd

Many people think that it's the acting that gets you the job. While that is a huge part, it's actually your interview and personality that seals the deal and ultimately wins you the job over everyone else at callbacks.  In this class, you will learn tips and strageties that will set you apart from everyone else at the interview or callback. 

This class also includes working on the all important 60 second sell! Many of your taped auditions require the talent to talk about themselves for 60 seconds. What should you say? What does casting want to hear? What do you say in an interview when they ask, "Tell me a little about yourself!" In this class you will learn the perfect 60 second sell!

Great also for high schoolers who will be doing college or job interviews. This class includes:

*  The First Impression

*  Components that make up a great first impression

*  How to introduce yourself so you are memorable

*  The 60 second sell

*  The interview

*  How to answer questions in the interview

And much more!





Pause, Pace, Pitch  

Feb 2017, Saturdays: 11,18,25

Bring variety & depth to your vocalization and performance by using pause, pace and pitch to create peaks and valleys. Each week, actors learn how to change a performance by changing these 3 little elements.





Prepare to Let Go 


March 2017:  9, 16, 23rd

4-7 yrs: No class for this age group

How you prepare for an audition is key. Whether it is a self-tape or a live audition, setting yourself up with preparation that you can then let go of in the audition is key. Too many actors under prepare, over prepare, or try to "control" their audition based on their preparation. Learn how to prepare like a pro and then "let it go" and let the audition live and breathe for itself!





Improv & Characterization  

March 2017, Saturdays: 11, 18, 25 







Basic, Working, Advanced, Master and Life Skills: Full refund will be given if student withdraws 8 days prior to class start date or first class of month

Withdrawing 7 days prior to class start date or first class of month will result in a credit.

No refund if withdraw/cancel 24 hours prior to class start date.

SUMMER CAMP requires 3 week notice of withdrawal for credit on student account. No refunds.

SHOWCASE & IT FACTOR: NO REFUNDS OR CREDIT due to the special nature of these events.

AUDITION TAPINGS/PRIVATE LESSONS: must be pre-paid in order to hold your time slot. No refunds. Cancelling/rescheduling 24 hours prior results in rescheduling with no penalty.

ALL OTHER CLASSES, WORKSHOPS, EVENTS: Credit on student account will be given with 24 hour notice of cancellation.

There is a $25.00 Returned Check Charge. 

2 returned checks results in a cash only account status.