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Three Week Classes

Only $49 

 These 3 week classes are fun, inexpensive and fit into everyone's schedule.
These classes are also great supplementary classes for our past and present students who would like to brush up on these particular skills and get additional training at a low cost!
And these are great classes for NEW students who want to check us out without paying a lot to do so. Each of these classes concentrates on one particular skill for the 3 week period.  Read below for each class description and sign up today.
Slots for these classes fill up fast! Sign up for one, or sign up for them all...At these prices, Why not?    
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All 3 week classes are only $49. Space is limited in each class & is first come first serve. Class spot is reserved with full payment only. No refunds on 3 week classes.


3 Week class times


Saturdays                                       Tuesdays

9am-10am: Adults                            5:15-6pm: 4-7 yrs

10-11am: 8-11yrs                            6-7pm: 12-17 yrs

11am-noon: 12-17 yrs                     7-8pm: 8-11yrs

noon-12:45pm: 4-7 yrs                    8-9pm: Adults




Meisner - Independent Activity

 Saturdays: 14, 21, 28

An Independent Activity is an exercise that involves a person engaged in a concentrated task of difficulty when their partner comes into the room. Through this exercise, the actor quits focusing on their lines and emotions because he/she is concentrating on the task. This allows a more truthful, natural and believable communication between the actors. (no 4-7 year old class)




Mind – the Actor’s Greatest Tool

Saturdays: 11, 18, 25

The mind is the most powerful tool the actor posseses! This class works the mind’s memory, concentration and imagination through acting exercises and games. By developing the mind, your peformances will be smoother and richer than ever before.





Improv: The Commercial Audition

Tuesdays: 5, 12, 19

In this class, actors will get a complete workout each week in the art of auditioning for commercials that require improv. Like the Georgia Lottery, commercial auditions can require the actor to do some wacky and crazy things. Learn how create believable and memorable auditions on the spot!





Hagen – Course of Action

Tuesdays: 9, 16, 23

To Act is to do, not think. Get out of the habit of verbally analyzing your thought process. Real thinking is active. In this class, be able to connect feeling to behavior in your scene.





Improv: Establishing the Scene & Character

Saturdays: 11, 18, 25

Learn how important the place is to a script and your character is to the scene. Through a series of fun improv games and exercises you be able to quickly come up with workable scenes and characters that add to your performance.





Pause, Pace, Pitch

Saturdays 15, 22, 29

Bring variety & depth to your vocalization and performance by using pause, pace and pitch to create peaks and valleys. Each week, actors learn how to change a performance by changing these 3 little elements.




The 24 Hour Audition

Saturdays: 12, 19, 26

Ever wonder how that great actor gets a several page script for an audition that is due in 24 hours and still turns in an magnificent performance? Learn some techniques in this class that will help you make the most of your time for auditions that don’t give you much time!





Improv: Rules & Justification

Tuesdays: 6, 13, 20

To be good at improv you must master the rules and be able to justify your choices. With so many auditions these days requiring an element of improv, every actor needs to be a master at the rules to give an outstanding performance each and every time. High energy and upbeat games and exercises will get actors up to speed in no time. 




Face, Body, Voice: The Actor’s Tools

Tuesdays 3, 10, 17 

Whether you are acting on stage or camera, every actor utilizes the tools: face, body & voice to communicate lines and character. Becoming a pro at all 3 will make your performance more well rounded and believable. Brush up on these tools in this class!





Improv: Storytelling

Saturdays 5, 12, 19

Every actor needs to be an excellent storyteller. Learn the elements of good storytelling through fun exercises and games in this improv class.




Refund Policy:
Full refund will be given if student withdraws 8 days prior to class start date, or first class of month. Withdrawing 7 days prior to class start date, or first class of month will result in a credit. No refund  if withdraw 24 hours prior to class start date. No refunds on promotional classes or specials or events or 3 week classes. No refunds on VIP,special workshops or events like Showcase and It Factor. No refunds on summer camp. Withdrawing 3 weeks prior to start of summer camp results in a credit. If you have a gift certificate, coupon or discount that does not have a code, those can only be redeemed by CALLING our studio or in person in our office. You can not use those with online registrations.